Guide di Torino .it

Torino: royal, elegant, modern, magic.
City of the Barocco and of the chocolateRisorgimento cradle and first capital of Italy:  birthplace of Italian cinema and fashion, and of some of the most important industries in our Country.

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Torino has many different faces, it’s a dynamic city which knows how to renew itself and look forward.
The Winter Olympic Games of 2006 gave to the city the importance that it deserves and made of it one of the most visited city across Italy, also because it’s magnificent historical and artistic patrimony!

Outside the city there is also the Province of Torino: among the biggest in Italy, it is filled with artistic treasures, beautiful landscapes and excellent delicacies.
The other cities in Piemonte, the Canavese, the Pinerolese, the Susa valley, are excellent destinations if you want to travel in the past, by visiting an ancient castle or village or by tasting one of the many typical products and dishes of our beautiful Region.